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10th-Dec-2008 07:15 am(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
OH. MY. WORD. What have they done to Dragonball!? Have you seen this!?!? http://kotaku.com/5106241/dragonball-movie-trailer-is-a-new-kind-of-stupid?autoplay=true

Haha, funny joke, right? No...they're serious. ............
1st-Dec-2008 08:33 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
I have a job! It's only until April, but that's still awesome! O.O I'm doing clerical stuff again, go figure. The people are really nice though, and so far it hasn't been brain surgery. Just wanted to share some happy. ^_^
1st-Oct-2008 07:14 am(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
I am so tired... I have a job now! yay! But that means going to work, coming home, eating, and then heading over to the house to rip off wallpaper. Mom's coming up next week to help paint and what not. After all this stress crap, I need a break. T.T Hopefully this house will be in order soon, though. ^_^
7th-Sep-2008 09:07 am(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
Well, sorry I kinda disappeared for a bit. They let all the temps go at work, myself included, so I was kinda bummed for a bit. I think things will be ok though. I already have applications in at two places and I'm going to keep looking.
30th-Aug-2008 06:58 am - A camping I will go
DekaRangers - Umeko
We're going camping this weekend! I have never been to northern MI, so Trevor and I are going up to Sleepy Bear dunes and Traverse City to hang out. I'm excited. ^_^ I haven't been camping in YEARS. Like...I think I was 6 the last time (other than sleeping in a tent in someones back yard, that doesn't count. lol) I really hope I remember everything to bring. -_- I almost forgot it gets dark in the real world, and had to run out and buy a lantern. DUR.
24th-Aug-2008 10:28 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko


From Go-Quiz.com

...Not funny! I've only been set on fire twice! And only once was it my fault! >.< At least I didn't get spiders like Jack...XD
9th-Aug-2008 10:05 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
I never showed you guys the fail pic I made. I sent it in, but I don't know if they'll post it. Here ya go!
8th-Aug-2008 10:07 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
Well...house fail AGAIN. After the first house fell through, the next one we looked at could be cute, but had NO FAMILY ROOM. What the heck? Where would they like me to put my couch, right next to the dining room table and blocking the door? No thank you. I'm getting very frustrated here...>.
27th-Jul-2008 10:15 am(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
So...Trevor and I are looking at buying a house.

Here's the site

It is the sweetest little house ever! We're a little worried because they don't show pics of the bathrooms, but we're going to see it tomorrow anyway. I want this house! O.O When you guys come visit, there will acutally be a GUEST room, instead of camping on the couch. lol
19th-Jul-2008 11:41 am(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
This has been...an interesting couple of days. Thursday night a whole bunch of us head up to Lansing to watch The Dark Knight in IMax...at midnight. I get about 2 1/2 hours of sleep and am just SO peachy the next day. ^_^* I'm sure you can imagine. ANYWAY! I take a nap in my car at lunch, and all I can think about is getting home and going to bed. As I'm about to turn into the apartment driveway I see...what appears to be a pit bull or mix standing on the side of the road, looking like it has no idea what it's doing there. I park my car, get out, and it runs up to me like I'm its best friend in the whole world. The poor thing is mangy and is bleeding from an abrasion on it's chin. All it has is a choke chain and NO tag. Great. I find some people at their apartments, and the go and get some water. They are annoying, squealy girls who are like "ew, it's bleeding, get it away from me", while I stand there covered in dog blood. -_- I call the humane society and they say they have no room, the pound is closed, call the police. So I call 911 like she tells me, and the lady is rather nasty, but tells me a police officer is on the way. In the meantime, I get 5 people telling me, "oh yeah, that dog has been running around here for a week and a half". Ok...why the HELL hasn't anyone done anything till now!? >.< I load friendly puppy up in my car, give it water and food (that she won't eat) and wait till the nice police man came and picked her up. I feel awful for the poor thing, but that was all that was in my power to do. T.T
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