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23rd-Oct-2010 09:09 am - O.O
DekaRangers - Umeko
Oh my...I have missed a lot... And I am interested in this..."Woodman's" Food, you say? Huge grocery store? Can I live there, please??
7th-May-2010 05:34 pm - Concrete dust...EVERYWHERE!
DekaRangers - Umeko
So...we're remodeling our upstairs bathroom....ourselves. Not entirely, of course, we had a friend who does plumbing and what not come and help, but we have done a LOT of it alone. It's a little scary at the moment, but it's coming along and I hope to have a finished pic in....3 weeks? Let's hope. Maybe sooner!
30th-Jun-2009 11:17 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
Ok...was I the only one who didn't know that Charlie the Unicorn had a sequel?...and then a third one!? And btb...they're stinkin' hillarious! Trevor actually left the room so he wouldn't be "sucked in". XD I laughed so hard I cried...
27th-May-2009 08:09 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
Wow..this whole not having a job thing sure is getting a lot of stuff done at home. lol I've painted, sanded, stained, cleaned, etc. The worst thing Trevor and I had to do was go through the brush/random trash pile we had in the back yard. You would not BELEIVE the crap these people threw back there. They burned a whole mattress, a soccer ball, silverware, a plate, hangers, and paint(!) among other non-burnable items. Really, really gross. However, the back yard looks a lot nicer now. ^_^
6th-Apr-2009 08:49 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
DOLL IS COMING!!! They shipped her today. ^__________^ She's gonna be topless, though...O.o lol She has a nice cloak to cover her nakedness for now! ...anybody know of a cute brown top that would fit her?........
4th-Apr-2009 04:15 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
So I got an email recently from DOD...and it wasn't quite what I was expecting. It made me laugh, though. ^_^


Hi ^^

Thanks for loving our doll:)

we are really sorry about keep you waiting.
we are doing our best making your doll greatly:)
so sorry for waiting again:(

We gonna send your order as soon as possible.

We don't want our customer feel upset.
Cause each customer is cherishable customer to us.

If something is not right or you have a question, let us know ANYTIME! ^^

Thanks a lot and Have a nice day-♡
14th-Mar-2009 07:51 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
I am cleaning house! Anything that I don't use....or that is sitting on my floor cuz I don't have room....is going! I enjoyed my Shojo Beat, but I don't have room for it all, and nobody on ebay wanted it. T.T So! Anybody that would like to have about 3 years worth, let me know! Free to a good home! ^_^
23rd-Jan-2009 11:55 am - Guts!
DekaRangers - Umeko
So! I got to see Repo in Jackson last night! Love it...but HATED the freaking preteen goths who wouldn't shut up through the whole thing! >.< The director and 3 of the actors were there, and the director was like "don't stay quiet, make some noise!".......NOT a good idea, dude...really... I need to watch it again in the privacy of my own home so I can actually hear what's going on...
10th-Jan-2009 01:51 pm(no subject)
DekaRangers - Umeko
Guess what...SHALL HAS BEEN ORDERED!!! ^______________^ Now I wait...
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